We are new to breeding Aussiedoodles, but have fallen head over heals in love with them! Their colors and personalities are amazing. Sometimes Aussiedoodles have a bad reputation because breeders don't follow the genetic formula for creating the perfect aussiedoodle. Aussiedoodles should be true to the look of an Austrialian Shepherd= Blue merle tri, black tri, and red merle tri, that's it! If bred correctly, they are amazing dogs with the perfect coloring. Do your research on this breed and make sure the breeder you choose understands genetics and how to breed them correctly!  We are excited to see our Aussiedoodle program progress! In 2021, we will have 2-3 litters of Mini Aussiedoodles and 1 litter of Petite Aussidoodles. Click on the picture of the Aussiedoodles below to learn more about them and the pricing. Below is the MASTER WAIT LIST of our Aussiedoodles. 



F1 Mini/Medium Aussiedoodles

 Blue Merle Tri: $4800

Red Merle Tri: $4800

Black Tri: $4600

F1b Petite Aussiedoodles

Blue Merle Tri: $5500

Red Merle Tri: $5500

Black Tri: $5300


Master Wait List for Aussiedoodles

We are changing up how we are doing our wait list! Instead of creating a wait list each individual litter, we will have ONE master wait list. Once you are approved and pay a deposit, you will be added to the bottom of the list. When a new litter is born, I will notified the top families on the list and you will be able to decide if you would like one of the available puppies or wait for the next litter. Our wait times are usually 6-12 months. We, the breeders, have the right for first pick from every litter, if we choose so.