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About Paradise Doodles

Mini Goldendoodle
Puppies come home with:


- First set of shots at 8 weeks

- Scheduled dewormers 

- Vet Health Check

- 2 year Health Guarantee

Our Story

Hi, my name is Mackenzie! I was blessed to have grown up in Northern California (Rocklin) and I currently live with my family in the beautiful Cache Valley, UT. 


I am the animal lover in our family. A few months after I married my husband, we got our Golden Retriever, Aggie. She is very sweet and perfect from the beginning. Six years later, we now have 3 boys. All of their first words were "Aggie." Our Aggie girl has been a very important part of our family since day one. I now realize the importance of children being raised with a dog. I can't imagine our life without Aggie. 

When I was researching the best family dog before we got Aggie, Golden Retriever was always on top of the list. I knew this was the perfect breed for our family. When I was trying to convince my husband that we needed a Golden Retriever puppy, I left out the part about shedding. Every website I found about Golden Retriever said they shed a lot. One even said that I will probably find dog hair in my butter. I ignored that piece of advice. I absolutely love Golden Retrievers, but the hair. Yes, the hair is everywhere. The hair is so hard to deal with. I wanted to find a dog that just like the Golden Retriever, but without the shedding. To my surprise, there is such a dog. That is why we breed Goldendoodles here at Paradise Doodles. The poodle part of the equation creates low to no shedding. We are in love with the Goldendoodles. They have the loving, sweet personality of the Goldens, and the intelligent, low to non shedding traits of the Poodles. They are perfect!

We recently bred our first litter of Aussiedoodles and are so in love. They are very similar to Goldendoodles and are so fun because of their coat colors. Keep an eye out for these litters too!

All of our puppies are born and raised in the heart of our home, our kitchen. They are cuddled and loved on starting day one. They are raised right along with my children and become a part of our family. 

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