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Born: June 4th

Take home: July 27-31st

Wavy, thick coats

25-40 lbs

We are in LOVE with our current litter of Australian Mountain Doodles. Kaia has been an incredible mom to these 7 beautiful puppies. When I started breeding Aussiedoodles a few years ago, I knew the the Australian Mountian Doodle was going to be my end game. I wanted to develop a really good line of Aussiedoodle mamas to be breed to bernedoodle studs= incredible family and therapy puppies. This litter is exactly what I envisioned. We love all 7 pups so much. 
MS. DOE-3.png
MS. DOE-9.png
MS. DOE-4.png
MS. DOE-5.png
MS. DOE-6.png
MS. DOE-7.png
MS. DOE-8.png
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