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Tri Color Moyen Poodle

30 lbs 19" Tall

Ziggy is everything we hoped and dreamed for to create our Aussiedoodles. He comes from incredible lines of show poodles and therapy dogs. Ziggy is the full package. He is incredibly intelligent, loves people, greets everyone he meets with a happy way of his tail and kisses. Ziggy is an excellent family dog. He has gorgeous tri markings and his beautiful phantom eyebrows add to his fun loving personality. He is built perfectly square, well proportioned, elegant in appearance and carries himself proudly. Ziggy has a dense soft silky coat. Both his parents carry the genes for low shedding and furnishings. We are so lucky to have Ziggy in our breeding program. He will make all tri colored Aussiedoodles.

  • DNA certified with genetic coat color and trait certificate.

  • OFAs for hips, elbows, patellas, and eyes.

  • PRA clearance

Ziggy is owned by the Harris family and Kyra Allen
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