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Basic Needs

This crate is the best crate we have ever used. The puppies will be trained here at our house with this crate. It comes with a divider so you can control the size of space until they are full grown.

We LOVE Puppy Culture. We raise all puppies in our home with this program and highly recommend that our families continue training with this program. 

We also love this book for training. It's incredible. I reread this book every time we welcome a puppy into our family. 

If you choose to not to get Puppy Culture, we highly recommend this book. I even recommend this book if you do buy Puppy Culture. It's fantastic and a great way to train your dog.

You will need to cut your puppy/dog's nails pretty frequently. This dog nail grinder is amazing and makes the job so easy. We love this grinder. 

We always keep these clippers around for a quick trim. They are easy to use and have a safe guard to avoid over cutting!

All doodles' hair will matte if you don't brush them. The slicker brush is the only way to go!

This is the main reason why our dogs potty train so easily. Connect this to the door that goes outside. When they have to go potty, they ring the bell. This is our favorite!

In our opinion, stainless steel is the only way to go for dog bowls. Its safer for the dogs and so easy to clean!

 We use this foldable exercise pen daily when we are training a puppy.  We use it to contain the puppy in one room, outside, and other training times. 

This is the crate cover we love. It has a crate pad, a bumper, and the crate cover. It fits perfectly with the crate we recommend.

If you are flying to Utah and picking up your puppy, this is the carry-on carrier we recommend. It's fantastic.

Hands down, these are our favorite puppy toy. We let our puppies chewy on them while they are laying quietly in their crate. It's the best chew toy.

Our dogs love these toys! They last a long time.

Bully Sticks are, in my opinion, the safest alternative to rawhide and pig ears. Our dogs love them and are great chewy sticks while they are in their crate. 

This is the only food we feed our puppies. Our vet recommended this brand and we LOVE it. It's very healthy for dogs. 

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