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We are new to breeding Aussiedoodles, but we are head over heals in love with them. We are slowly building our breeding program and currently only have Mini/Medium Aussiedoodles available. We will have Petite Aussiedoodles available (hypoallergenic) late 2021. Aussiedoodles are very similar to Goldendoodles, a little more energetic, and fun colors! 


Mini/Medium Aussiedoodles

 Blue Merle Tri: $4800

Red Merle Tri: $4800

Black Tri: $4600

Petite Aussiedoodles

Blue Merle Tri: $5500

Red Merle Tri: $5500

Black Tri: $5300

F1 Mini/Medium Aussiedoodles

Click on litter names to learn more!

Due Date: July 14, 2021
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