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Guardian Dogs

We are looking for Guardian Homes for a few of our puppies this year, 2020. Paradise Doodles only wants the best life for our adult breeding dogs. We want every one of our dogs to become a part of a loving family and get the loving attention a dog deserves!  We are looking for a few families that live in Cache Valley , UT or the near surrounding towns that are interested in raising and caring for one of our Paradise Doodles, while we retain breeding rights. We do require a $500 deposit from the guardian family, but once the dog has retired from our breeding program, they will receive the deposit back and we will sign the ownership of the dog over to you for the rest of their life! We will also give you $500 from each litter as a thank you!

Responsibility of Guardian families: Guardian families are responsible for covering all cost of the puppy throughout her life. We will cover all cost regarding breeding, whelping, and raising the newborn puppies. We expect the Guardian Family to keep the dog up to date on vaccines, annual vet checks, and feeding them good quality food. The dogs will need plenty of exercise and will live with the families, not only outside in the backyard. We want this dog to become a part of your family. 

Contact us for more information! We will discuss more of the responsibilities of owning a female Guardian dog, other requirements, and to make sure your family is the perfect fit.

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